So Nandagram is back on the front pages again. The great self professed protectors of our people and our sovereignty –  Communist Party of India – and their cadres engaged in veritable battles with the BUPC ( the organization trying to prevent the takeover of the land) – and actually, according to HT -went around firing indiscriminately in opposing villages “taking them over”.

All this – when are constantly opining leftist leaders are all uncannily quiet about the mess in their backyard ( Apart from lashing out at the Bengal governor for criticizing the mess).

Today apparently, the Bengali intelligentsia stormed a police station to free some of their compatriots – after apparently they were lathi-charged against. Absolutely unbelievable stuff.

Bengal is a cesspool. Has been for a few decades now. And everytime you think that it cant sink any lower, things like this come along – bringing out in the open the political incompetence, corruption, hypocrisy and the arrogance of power.

Watch this space for further updates.