CPI(M) activists attacked the NDTV camera crews today and broke their cameras when they were trying to cover the story there.

To re-inforce the idea that the CPI(M) leadership is somehow living in some kind of rarified alter-reality,  the General Secretary of CPI(M) Prakash Karat, that great fighter of the disadvantaged claimed that “noone can throw the CPI(M) out of Nandigram” since they had actually won the election and “won the people’s confidence” – with that same infuriatingly silly inane smile on his face.

Of course it does not matter to him about poor people got shot in an internecine war between the CPI(M) and other opposition – he can, like all Leftists, sit in airconditioned, black cat protected Delhi quarters and talk about how they have the “confidence of the people”.

Fucking disgusting.

PS: In another news, the governor of  West Bengal – Gopalkrishna Gandhi, in an interview said that he was talking to “Jyoti Babu”  – that man who single handedly fucked up West Bengal in 3 decades of his rule – to maintain peace.

What else is there to say? Like I said, fucking disgusting.