So the man who thought India was a weird place with only “hotel socialization” and bad food is now going to be the coach of Team India.

Not questioning his cricketing credentials – I think Kirsten more than proved himself on the field – the gritty, sound cricketer who would wear down bowlers with his  perseverance – a cricketer grounded in the sound fundamentals. What I am questioning is the integrity and attitude of a man – who would come to India and talk disparagingly and condescendingly about the country – from his apartheid era white man perspective.

Of course, now with India shining and with the Board of Control for Cricket in India the richest in the world, every ex-cricketer around the world and their grandmothers gush about the energy and passion about cricket in India – since there is more than a little money involved in being the head coach of Team India – however, I am more than a little disturbed about his reported comments – given the fact that he grew up in apartheid South Africa and cannot be accused of cosmopolitanism and international sensitivity – amply demonstrated by his comments about his disappointment about India not being his ideal of white only South Africa.

He’s got a two year offer as coach – I only hope he a job better than his world-view or packs his bags and goes back to his South African utopia after the end of his term – if he survives that long.