Started using Flock, the web browser that bills itself as Social Web browser – providing close integration with Flickr (click and drop of photos), RSS feeds and blogging tools and social networking sites like Facebook as well as YouTube.

Have been using Flock 1.0 for the past few weeks and I have been pleasantly surprised. Great integration, practical convenient tools, blog tool integration – all in all, makes it a pleasure to use.

Also, Flock 1.0 seems to be stable enough – I haven’t had to deal with a crash till now – on my Apple Macbook running Mac OS X Tiger – which is not what I can say for Firefox – another absolutely wonderful browser – and still my primary choice among all the browsers that I have installed on my macbook.

I particularly find the integrated blog tool very convenient – I had to install ScribeFire on Firefox to have some kind of blogging support in the browser.

Will keep testing and post my thoughts as I discover new features and/or glitches.

Blogged with Flock

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