We have a power scarcity. Mittal-Arcelor talks about setting a steel plant in India – and in the same breath – talks about how it has captive power.

The government – whose role above all – is to provide basic amenities to its citizens – has failed. If I buy a house in Gurgaon today, I will probably buy it in a private gated enclave – where power is generated by the builder – and water is harvested from the monsoons.

I am not complaining (apart from the fact that I have to pay 5 times as much for power when I pay a private company). But I AM saying that the Indian government is a failure. Everything that has happened in India – has happened inspite of the government – not because of it.

And now, we have a situation where the geriatric  Left parties insist that we shouldnt have the NPT with the United States. Because they dont like the United States. Much like the Chinese. And the Russians.

And they write all these lofty intellectual discourses from air conditioned party offices where the power never goes off  – since they are the ruling “coalition”. I write this because their intellectual disingenuinousness makes me sick. Makes me want to kick their butt like we kicked the brits once before.

The problem is when you read the anti-India-US nuclear pact news items is this: While they claim to be grounded in egalitarianisms, they really opine privileged ideas against the nuclear deal. Really – if I dont have power in the middle of summer without the environment killing impact of raw coal burning power stations – I dont really give a shit about “imperialist” the Americans are.

The problem is that the Left leadership, while it would like to believe is with the people, is very privileged.  Mr. Yechuri, Mr. Bhattacharya et al – arent really people leaders. They have not had a day to stay a normal man’s life in India – and hence can make all these claims about the interests about the common man .

I will state this – I hope these and their ilk rot in hell. Because India is too intelligent for you – Mr. Basu, Mr. “JNU” Yechuri and Mr. Bhattacharya. We arent the Middle East. You cant lead us on into a dark alley with “America” paranoia. And while it may take time, when it does, you guys, with your privileged backgrounds and your pseudo intellectual egalitarian concepts will be in the past.

Thank you. And be gone now!