The frankly Machiavellian machinations of the government, the allies and the opposition continue on the 123 Nuclear deal. And while the comport of our esteemed friends from the Left is as disgusting, ill-informed,myopic and politically as usual – the motivations of the Congress and the BJP isn’t any significantly better.

Today, Pranab Mukherjee, our venerable External Affairs Minister and longtime “leader” of the people took the stage to say that there was “no question of sacrificing” the government to ensure that the Indo-US Nuclear deal goes through. The BJP is going around accusing everyone – the Congress and the Left about “sacrificing National Security” – that much flogged bugaboo that politicians call out when all intellectually derived arguments fail. And with that bugaboo, goes to hell all pretenses of actual concern to national good – but then, these are the guys that would bring down a 800 year old mosque to “redeem” a religion. So expecting anything better from them is egregious at best.

About the Left – the less there is said, the better. My views of Mr. Karat and his cohorts is well known to the readers of this blog – as is evident by my earlier posts on this subject. The Left knows it has hit something here – aka the National Security argument of the Republicans in the United States – and are trying to exploit it to the hilt. And given their traditional loathing of everything United States (even though all their kids would go to universities there – on taxpayer expense) – it serves them well. But they are skating on thin ice on this one. All the states they govern is going down the drain. The only reason why there is anything going on in West Bengal, for e.g. – is in spite of the government there – not because of their policies. They are simply riding the Indian boom coat-tail. They are skating on very thin ice – because their fundamental argument does not play very well with urban educated India. And the rural masses eventually wouldn’t care less about a hypothetical Nuclear deal – which for all practical purposes – does not impact – and will not impact them for a long time to come.

So what does it all mean for the Nuclear Deal (with or without the much maligned Hyde Act)? It means that it probably going to be delayed indefinitely – further complicated by the fact that if a democrat gets elected to the White House – especially a very liberal democrat like Barack Obama – it would probably entail some renegotiation – and consequently, further delay. All when India needs power production ramped up faster. All when Indian power distribution needs to be ,modernized to reduced the highest in the world distribution losses. So every new factory, every new apartment complex, every new software venture and every new enterprise does not have to have captive power capability.

There are times – when India really is a wonder. Wonder that we are still the second fastest growing economy of the world – it cannot be anything but a stellar testament to the Indian enterprise, the home grown Indian initiative and an ambition of a country – inspite of the bunch of incompetent, ill-informed and hideously corrupt and power hungry politicans that “lead” it.