Why are Apple products so fundamentally and qualitatively different – indeed superior – to their competing products? From the Macbook to the Macbook Pro. From Leopard to iPhone. Why are they so superior? Or come across as so?

Thought has been bugging me – ever since I got the HTC Mogul – which has tons of functionality – but somehow never comes together in a user friendly way. From the time I started using the Mac OS and Vista. Everything that the Mac OS can do – Vista can as well. Everything, or almost everything the iPhone can do – the HTC Mogul can.

But when it comes down to the user functionality of everything the computers, operating systems and the phones can accomplish – the Apple functionality is so much ahead than anything that the competition has to offer.

And one has to wonder, how across these divergent set of devices and software, Apple – a relatively small company – when compared to the competition – invariably does it so well.

I don’t have the answers. But I would like to understand. Especially as I type this on my Apple Macbook.

Close product development cycle? Obsessive big boss? Attention to detail? Just good lineage?

Needs thought. Stay tuned.