I do not claim to be a movie buff or very knowledgeable on Hindi movies. But it seems to me that last year was such a good year for hindi movies in so many ways. In terms of the quality of movies released – Chak De, Tare Zameen Par, Hum Tum and so many others – Solid Movies. Solid Production. Top notch music.

On the offbeat track – watched a movie called Parzania – and that set me thinking.

Seems to me that Hindi movies have finally come of age. Bollywood doesn’t seem to obsess about international awards anymore. Seems much more confident in the genre that is uniquely Bollywood – drama, emotions, song, dance.

And while I firmly believe that a number of individual performances in Hindi movies would more than merit an Oscar – it seems that the Hindi Film Industry has grown beyond these ambitions.

Hindi movies arguably has a bigger market than Hollywood already – in terms of sheer numbers. But challenges exist – the Hindi Film Industry’s total revenues are still a small fraction of that of Hollywood. While production qualities have dramatically improved, in terms of production budgets, the budgets of even the most expensive Bollywood movies are still a fraction of a top Hollywood blockbuster. There are questionable financial channels of production – still financed, to a large part, by underworld and hawala channels -though that seems to be changing with professional production companies setting up operations.

Dont claim to be an expert on the Indian Film Industry – but its amazing to watch the metamorphosis – its almost like the industry is reflecting the change of the Indian nation. Much more confident in its skin.