Today, ISRO launched 10 satellites simultaneously into space successfully. Apparently, its a world record of some kind – since Russia had previously launched a maximum number of 8. ( In all fairness, no word on the total payload).

That being said, I think its a huge accomplishment for the Indian Space Research Institute to have delivered 10 total satellites in space simultaneously in what has been called a textbook launch.

So what does this mean for Indian Space. Apart from the fact that it will probably increase government funding for the moon launch – dubbed Project Chandrayan – it will probably mean more foreign business for launching weather and other such satellites.

Does that mean that India will become the next outsourcing vendor for satellite space launches? My take is that the scenario is absolutely possible – and indeed very likely. Given the economies of scale associated with multiple satellite launches, it doesn’t seem a far-fetched scenario where-in launches of weather and other strategically non-critical satellites are outsourced to ISRO and other such agencies.

Given that this has happened at a time of a fundamental transformation of world communications, there is a natural synergy that private communication and GPS companies would use a low cost launch vendor for their satellite launches.

ISRO the next Infosys anyone?