There is a saying that you can only delay the inevitable. The Left front has formally withdrawn support from the UPA government effective today. In keeping with the stellar standards that the Left maintains in its machinations – they chose to withdraw its formal support at a time when the PM is at the G8 summit in Japan – in direct contravention of Karat’s profession of “honoring the dignity of the Prime Ministerial office”. The stock market reacted predictably – with the Left out of power now – the stock market shot up 600 points.

If the UPA wins the vote of confidence, it is good – atleast the deal can now go forward. As I write this, I am watching Mr. Karat is talking to the nation with his finger in the air – same old accusations – about India selling out to George W Bush, of India looking up to the United States etc. Same old intellectually bankrupt arguments that the Left has been making for the last 40 years and the consequent policies that have had such negative impact for many parts of the country. Just visit Kolkata. You will know what I am talking about.

Readers of this forum know my opinions about the Left in general and their specific stand on the Nuclear Deal. Rajinder Puri in Outlook has a wonderful article on the tactical and strategic vaccilation of the Left big boss Prakash Karat on the Nuclear Deal. A few salient points that should speak for itself:

When the UPA government decided to execute the NDA government’s initiative for an Indo-US N-deal, Karat opposed it. He said national security and India’s independent foreign policy were compromised. The Left would withdraw support. Karat said that the Hyde Act deprived India of its independence and jeopardised its national security because the Hyde Act forbade US assistance to any country that conducts nuclear tests.

However, Karat was opposed to India having the bomb. He was opposed to India conducting Nuclear tests. He was opposed to India becoming a nuclear power. However, he also supports Iran getting a nuclear weapon and opposes any sanctions against Iran because they are developing nuclear weapons.

The Left front, for way too long, has has its policy positions driven not by constructionist positions but by continuous social dissidence. To me, our Left is composed of leaders who aren’t as much Bolshevik- Leninists but Trotsky-ists.

Either way, they have done the nation immeasurable harm wherever they have been in power. This blogger is happy they have withdrawn their support. Now, the government ( and their new and rather questionable allies) can hopefully bulldoze the Nuclear Deal through.