Yesterday, it was Bangalore. Today it is Ahmedabad. A series of bomb blasts with no ostensible strategic objective more than to ensure that innocent people going about their lives died for absolutely no reason. And the perpetrators? As much as one would not want to attribute blame – seems like a group called Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility. Strange, even their name has the word Indian. Implying allegiance to a nation that has till date, not had any institutionalized pogrom against any religion. And where all the major religions of the world have co-existed since the inception of those religions.

This blogger does not want to comment on the politics of the blast – they are too well known and are too well documented.

He does want to comment the Indian nation state which (to its credit) has never responded to such provocations in a knee-jerk way that we are accostomed to seeing in Pax Americana. And he hopes that is the way it always will be.

But at the same time, its important for the Indian government to take very strong non-ambiguous steps (without trampling over and harming poor innocent muslims) to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Thankfully, we can have very active human intelligence in the “minority community”. We can weed this out. And we should.

Only if our political players were not so involved in ensuring they got their pound of political mileage out of this – and ensured they did what they were elected to – serve their Indian public.

Thoughts to all those who died today.