A weird thing happened this morning. Normally, I get full coverage at home for voice and data from Sprint (thanks to a Bordentown area upgrade that Sprint did two months ago). Consequently, I disconnected my home phone a while ago – since I am rarely at home and the broadband card on EVDO Rev A does just fine.

So anyways, I wake up in the morning, get on a couple of calls, download my Monday morning emails and get to work. At around 10.30 am, I realize that my broadband card has entirely stopped working and none of my two Sprint phones (my corporate and my personal) are connecting. I cannot make calls ( and consequently cannot join any of my myriad conference calls). Also, I cannot call customer service to see if there has been a network outage in my area. So, I go out to a Starbucks, make a couple of important calls I need to make and then call Sprint Customer Service.

Take 1: I get connected to Sprint Business and the lady directs me to a “technician” who wants to do a firmware upgrade on my phone. Knowing a little bit about these things, I thank her and hang up – she obviously had no clue what she was doing – my phone’s firmware cannot be blamed for all connectivity losses on all my devices

Take 2: I call again. This time I get a young man who decides to file a complaint since he apparently sees some issues in the network in that area. I wait on the phone for about 10 minutes – he files a complaint – and gives me a ticket number.

I complete downloading my really important emails at Starbucks and drive home about 45 minutes later. And bingo, the network is up to full strength again. (Actually, posting this will constitute a test – since I do all my browsing on my broadband card)

So, pleasant surprise about Sprint’s weakest link – its customer service and responsiveness.