India has finally won a gold at the Olympics!

The government, central and state, have predictably gone bonkers and have started awarding cash money to Abhinav Bindra. Maybe he can build a couple of other shooting ranges for our world class marksmen with it. By the last count, he has netted something like $ 400K from largesse by our state governments (and I am sure the Hero Honda and Pepsi ads arent that far behind)

Meanwhile, other Indian sportsmen are doing what they do best – losing in the first round and sitting around in Beijing, shopping and whiling their time away on taxpayer expense.

All is well.

PS: International Herald Tribune had it best when it called India a “mysteriously unathletic nation” – talking about collective and irrational exuberance of the country on the single gold win. But well done Abhinav. Nice to hear the national anthem during the Olympics.