Something that I have been writing about is now all over the news now. The mainstream press has finally gotten over its fawning about the iPhone and actually started writing about the actual experience of real iPhone users on the ATT network.

As previously mentioned on this forum, it echoes something that I have always known as a user in New York City ( of all places, this should be one place where there is NO excuse) – that the ATT network – both its voice network (and its spectrum management) and its data networks absolutely is below par and suck!

Of course, the iPhone attacts people like Paris Hilton attracts men (and some women:)) – without any rational and intellectual explanation. (which, to me proves what Oscar Wilde said a while ago – 99% of humanity os composed of fools)

So you pay through your nose for a voice and data plan that is probably the worst of Tier 1 carriers in the US ( Verizon, Sprint, ATT, *T-Mobile*), for a piece of hardware which, while being undeniably the coolest in the market, does little more than offer a sense of conformity to the world.

I am neither an Apple hater (typing on a Macbook) or some kind of evangalist with some motive. I am just talking about common sense – if you stumble upon this post by chance – let me tell you something that most knowlegeable people about the industry would tell you – Verizon Wireless has the best wireless network in the US and Sprint has the best high speed wireless data coverage in the US.

ATT sucks in both the voice and data quarters. What they do have, are cool phones. Way cooler than Verizon and Sprint. But that doesn’t change the fact that their network absolutely is below par by all counts.

So go for it. Buy the same dresses that Paris Hilton wears. And the iPhone she talks on. Only realize that it sort of sucks to identify with single digit IQs. Even if that happens to be a hot celebrity:)