Making another attempt to get back to blogging. Ever since starting with Business School, I haven’t really had the time to get back to blogging. Most importantly, I think it was the lack of time to do any meaningful thinking between school and the constant traveling and schedules that my work entails.

However, feel like getting back. Once again.

So, the world changed in the interim. We had the mother of all financial crises which is still playing itself out. The Taliban is on the verge of taking over Pakistan (well, maybe that’s a slight over-exaggeration of the facts), but it controls significant territory within that country, the Mumbai attack on hotels , train stations and Jewish centers happened, Apple sold a billion applications on the App Store, the year turned to 2009 and finally, on a phenomenally good note, Barack Obama got elected.

And that is just what is on the top of my head.

Regardless, I think, there is a general consensus that we are going through times that are going to be regarded by historians in the future as pretty defining. Global Warming is accelerating (so is the mobilization of the world community in general to tackle the problem, thankfully), the world-terrorism-extremist-Islamic-hegemony idea is making dangerous inroads in parts of the world uncomfortably close to home, the financial crisis has spawned numerous debates on the role of governance and the efficacy of unregulated free market capitalism, the Middle East crisis rages on, as does the un-ending conflict between the Tamils and Sinhalese.

Its easy to paint the world in a brush of gloom and doom now a days. But this is probably as good a time as any to be a mediocre commentator of world affairs on the unregulated blogosphere.

And also provide some colored commentary on my B-school experience, while I am at it. Problem is of course, I am already done with two terms and have been entirely unproductive in the past 8 months. But the intent is there.

So watch this space! Intend to light it up some!