The Indian elections are over. The 400 million voters who turned out to vote have spoken.

And as I often opine, in a country that is over 80% hindu, after a major and very visible terrorist attack, the mostly “rural” Indian voter has done what no other “first world/developed” nation has emulated. It rejected caste based politics, it rejected religion based politics, it rejected overtly nationalistic politics, it rejected all the other stripes of interest based politics that us “urban” Indians think afflict the “rural” Indian voter.

For those of us educated in the Keyesian or “Milton Friedman” field of economics, or whatever refuse to accept any simplistic explanations for anything that happens in the Indian political landscape. Which is why they probably consistently get all the predictions incorrect everytime.

I maintain, as I have always said in this forum, that the Indian voter, preoccupied with daily survival does not care much about politics that tends to divide between caste, religion, region, language, color, culture and the hundred other things that our netas come up with. And us, educated modern Indians, never get it – because of our inherently colored judgement about anyone who doesn’t look or talk like us.

Anyways, the results made me proud of my nation. Once again. Not for nationalistic reasons. But for the multi-culturalism, the acceptance of diversity, the acceptance of multiple ways of getting to religious nirvana – to the extent that it is not even a debate on TV and the wisdom to vote with that earthy knowledge. India, I am proud. For all its TV pundits, for all its knowledgeable expostulations, you have again proved – why we are who we are.

On another note, I would be really ashamed if I was an Aussie. They refused to come to India to play in their scheduled Davis Cup tie – because of “security concerns”. Expecting nothing better from the Aussies probably is better. They have shown themselves as ignorant, bordering on racist and generally the morons that is the stereotypes. Keep to your beaches and your beer. Enlightenment and informed decision making is not exactly your intellectual forte. And you forfieted your Davis Cup tie. Your freaking morons:)