I haven’t blogged on this forum for a while – for a long while actually. Primarily due to the lack of time. Partly because somehow the flow was broken. And the ideas dried up somewhere along the way.

In the interim, the world changed. The financial crisis happened, terrorist attacks and everything else that the author felt so compelled to opine about at an earlier time.

So, after I got the new Blackberry Tour on Sprint – I decided to download the WordPress client so I could jot my thoughts at times like these (lounging on the bed at the hotel room after a long day’s work) – when I am too tired to switch on my laptop.

So here’s my first post from my Blackberry. Still marveling at this little device, the Sprint 3G network and the many ways that it increases my productivity everyday.

Love it. Technology. Especially the combination I finally discovered – Sprint and Blackberry.