So I finally bit the bullet and got the iPod Touch. Since most people who follow the forum know that my experiences have been less than stellar with ATT and iPhone. However I, like millions of folks out there am absolutely fascinated by the iPhone interface and wanted to try one without being tethered to ATT’s sub-standard network and level of service. And hence, decided to get the Touch after Apple recently released a refresh.

And it’s blown me away. I consider myself something of a music afficianado and have always owned an iPod. I never really envisioned needing a device to do anything more than just to listen to music. However, I just find it transformational in the way I have been using the Touch ever since I got it.

The 32 gigs capacity will obviously entail that I only store my most listened to music here – but I predict that I will spend a lot more time on the Touch doing things like what I am doing now – blogging!

Update (1/17): I just downloaded Doodle Jump from the app store. Unbelievable game. I actually now spend more time playing games on the iPod Touch than listening to music!