Haven’t had time to update the blog for a while now. With the constant travel to Denver and the exhausting level of work and then school to boot every other week, just have had no breathing space, let alone any kind of writer’s inspiration.

So today, heading back home from 25 B, thought this might be as good a time as any to write. The Blackberry helps – no booting of the laptop and a keyboard that actually conducive to typing. Am in love with the little device.

Have nothing specific to update here. Normally, I would use this forum to talk and write about things I felt strongly about. Now a days, I rarely feel strongly about anything at all. Probably because I don’t think about what’s going on in the world, technology trends or political events that much anymore. It will come back. After the MBA is done. But for now, nothing much to report at all.

On the passion of my life – wireless technologies, nothing specific to report. Was in India recently. Startled by the number of wireless operators we have now. And because spectrum in India is handed out by regional circles, there are a ton of regional operators. With the urban market fairly saturated and the rural markets only producing marginal ARPU – it is difficult to see how massive consolidation in the industry is not imminent.

In the US, finally ATT is getting it from all quarters about the quality of their voice and data coverage. The latest to fire that salvo is Verizon Wireless – with a series of advertisements comparing their data coverage and services.

Anyways, enough for today. Cheerio!