I have been a fan of Apple Mac OS ( both Tiger and Leopard) ever since I got my first Macbook. Back then, the only other computer I used was my trusty Windows Vista laptop that I lugged around for work all over the country (as my job as a management consultant).

When I first used Vista, I was amazed at how things just worked. There was no random bloat ware out of the box with the Mac. It came with just the kind of programs I needed. Ironically, the only program I bought was a copy of Microsoft Office 97 for Mac; for all its good looks, I still needed to do some work, every now and then on my shiny little machine.

Then I started business school at Columbia. And they needed Windows OS – to run a number of business apps. I had the option of installing Windows on my Mac – but I decided against it; contaminating my Macbook with Windows was not something I was willing to do – and got myself an HP Pavilion laptop with Vista on it.

Wont spend time or real estate talking about how I hated Vista – there are a number of forums about it on the internet – and yes, I hated it.

And then Windows 7 came out – and the reason for my post. You know, for a business user like me, an OS should be just that – an OS. It should work, be stable, boot up and shut down fast and most importantly, stay in the background when it needs to. Also, at times, I do decide to manage my music and my photos on the computer, it should offer me intuitive programs and a pleasant look and feel.

Which, to Windows Vista was apparently too much. And then I got Windows 7.

I have used it for about a month now. And its been nothing but an absolute pleasure to use. I hesitate when I say this, but almost as much pleasure as Leopard. As a matter of fact, the taskbar previews, windows resizing and some aspects of file management like Libraries are so much better than Leopard. And, its pleasing to the eye. Very pleasing. I love the concept of the Theme (though the Windows page could have some more themes).

I still need to discover all of its new features. But I did want to put something out there. For those who are in two minds to upgrade, go for it. For Vista users, it is entirely worth it – just for the stability.

Expect updates as and when I have time and I use it a little bit more. But for now, highly recommended.