I am underwhelmed by it. As are a lot of bloggers / commentators on the web, apparently.

I wanted an e-book reader; an pure LCD screen to me doesn’t cut it either from a glare or battery life perspective.

The other features of the iPad are just that of an overgrown iPhone (which I love). But having to use the iPhone keyboard on a device three times its size would mean no thumb typing. And there’s no palm rest on the thing to be able to use both hands effectively. Other gripes include low memory (for a device of its size), no multi-tasking and most of all, shelling out 30 bucks a month on AT&T’s sub-par 3G network – the one thing that would have probably made the device effective – constant connectivity – therefore is crippled by AT&T’s network.

Sorry Apple. This doesn’t cut it. Kindle, here I come. And my trusty laptop, here I faithfully remain yours for the foreseeable future.