As most readers of this forum are aware, I am by no means an Apple fanboy. Or their corporate strategy.

However, when I recently graduated from Columbia Business School, I decided to take the plunge and bought myself a Macbook Pro. Why did I buy it – essentially, just because it was the best designed laptop in the market.

And having used it for about 2 weeks, I can’t get myself to going back to my Windows laptop.  And  I have one with Windows 7 – which I still believe is sophisticated enough to compare with MacOS Leopard.

I love it for its simplicity. I love it for the build quality. I love it for the cultural elan it has earned. I love it for the display. I love it for the awesome trackpad. And I love it for the fact that it just works.

I realize I am not stating anything here that is revolutionary. However I love it. Absolutely worth every penny.

Edit (2/1/11): Given the popularity of this post and also given that I have used my Macbook Pro for about 6 months now, I decided to update it with my experiences over the last few months.

First, my conclusions. I love my Macbook Pro even more than I did when I wrote this post. The reasons are multifarious. First, the keyboard. As I have used it more often, I just find typing on the keyboard to be an absolute joy. I enjoy it more everyday – its one of those things about the Macbook Pro that grows over you, the more you use it.

Second, the Macbook Pro screen / speakers – I use my computer more than ever, for watching movies on Netflix – much more than I ever envisioned. This is due to Netflix’s push to streaming movies. But more importantly, it is because of the Macbook Pro’s brilliant screen and speakers that I enjoy watching movies on it. When I travel now, in addition to my Windows HP Elitebook (firm issued laptop), I carry my Macbook Pro with me – just for watching movies on a high definition screen of fantastic quality.

Garageband:  I never used Garageband till very recently. And when I did, I was blown away. I am a novice guitar player and I wanted to practice playing the guitar. Garageband (which is a part of iLife ’11) provided me with pre-loaded lessons and an inbuilt tuner which I can use with my acoustic guitar without the need to purchase anything else. Fantastic. I love the attention to detail in designing the product.

Trackpad: Long story short – once you use the Macbook Pro trackpad, it will be difficult to understand the design rationale of the tiny trackpads that the other manufacturers offer. The trackpad makes browsing and other tasks a joy on the Macbook Pro. I use an external mouse with my HP. I dont think I will ever need to use an external mouse with the Macbook Pro.

Aperture: I put this last for a reason. While I am a pretty prolific photographer, I never used  any photo editing software very extensively. I still dont. However, ever since I have started using Aperture, it makes me feel that I can, given the time and patience, use a professional grade photo editing software if required. Its easy, intuitive and unbelievably full featured.

Integration with the Apple ecosystem: Love it or hate it; most people actually use Apple’s ecosystem of iPods, iPads, iTunes and iPhones. And the seamless integrity I get with a Macbook Pro with my other Apple products and services are just unmatched. (I don’t own an iPhone).

Overall, I would say this – when I originally wrote this post, I had started using my Macbook Pro and just started enjoying it. Now, 6 months later, I actually use it for productivity. And I thoroughly enjoy every moment with it.

Still stays very highly recommended, if you are willing to spend the premium costs associated with it. You wont regret it.