Apple and Sprint are very similar companies. Surprised? I was too, as I thought about the subject of post.

But think about it – back in 1999, Apple was just another company with great ideas, a strong fan following and a really shitty income statement and free cash flow. And Sprint is exactly the same today. Those who use Sprint know just how great it is – the rest of course, are with AT&T for the iPhone ( and have to deal with, what I consider, unacceptably low data rates and quality of service) or are with the big red (which is very good btw).

However, the blogger’s opinion is that Sprint is exactly where Apple was in 1999. A company with great basics just looking for a way to attract customers. And I think over the next 2 years, as people get new smartphones – they will realize how Sprint is probably the best and the most innovative wireless company in the United States.

Sprint has phenomenal coverage, the best data coverage and speeds where it really counts and fantastic prices. And what is more, their customer service is getting better by the day. And that is where Apple was in 1999 – still the computer company with the best well designed machines that noone would buy. I think Sprint is at that inflection point with Dan Hesse’s leadership.

Lets reconnect 5 years later.:)