So the results of yet another survey (PDF) on the customer satisfaction and call drop levels of the Tier 1 US wireless carriers was released by Changewave yesterday.

As we have numerously opined on this forum, the results were predictable.

In terms of customers who were “very satisfied” with their wireless providers, the results from the study are shown below.

Wireless Satisfaction Survey 

To this blogger, the results are not surprising at all. The fact that Verizon led the pack and the fact that AT&T was dead last of all Tier 1 carriers seemed in-line with real world experiences by real users (this blogger included). What was also not not surprising are the results of Sprint’s turnaround efforts – now it has powered itself to the #2 position (significantly higher than 23% “Very Satisfied” metric for T-Mobile).

For the all-important metric of dropped calls, the results are not surprising as well.

Dropped Calls

Again, Verizon leads the pack – not surprising since they by far have the most extensive network in the United States. I was actually impressed with T-Mobile’s call drop rate – which is fairly impressive given the relatively small size of their network. I have opined enough about Sprint’s high quality voice and data coverage – so I will not repeat myself. You can read more about my views on wireless carriers and their LoS here.

For those who follow the telecom industry, report worth reading. PDF can be accessed here.