You know how some gadgets dazzle you when you unbox it. And then there are some others that just grow on you. And each passing day, you realize how much you love it more today than you did the previous day.

The Amazon Kindle is one of the latter. I have had it for about 7 months now. And the more I use it, I realize, how it is really indispensable it has become to me now.

I find myself reading more. I read the NYTimes – not just glance through the headlines. I am reading more books. I get the print version of the Economist – but I rarely even finish the magazine – because I am so busy with my Kindle during my free time – reading novels, the New Yorker or the Times.

What’s to like about the Kindle? Well, first off – t0 even answer this question – you have to be a reader. A serious one at that.

Now, if you are – you’s love the fact that its on-demand. You want a book impromptu? No worries. For the most part, you’ll be able to get it wirelessly at a much lower price compared to a physical book. You help save the environment. You get your book. And then there are newspapers and magazines. Delivered wirelessly when they are due.

Its become a habit of sorts now – to look at the NYTimes every morning at 5 am – no matter where I am in the country. Because its delivered right by the bedside.

And then finally – when people talk about the Kindle vs. the iPad – I tell them this – if you are at a restaurant alone, and you had two devices you could take with you – which one would you take – a Kindle or an iPad? Most people say – the iPad. But the reality is, you will take the Kindle. Because its easier. Lighter. More portable.

There are a few gadgets I have bought that I regretted spending money on later. This thing is definitely not one of them. Love it.