As most readers of this forum are aware, I am pretty heavily dependent on my mobile broadband card- and the carrier I have used exclusively for my mobile broadband needs has been Sprint. By an accident of fate, when I first got myself a broadband card – it happened to be Sprint (back in 2006) and have been consistently surprised at the reliability and speed of the service that Sprint has provided in my very extensive travels all across the country in my profession as a management consultant. I have yet to face any issues with the card and have blogged about it in the past.

Today, after 5 years (due to a firm mandate) – I had to reluctantly give up my Sprint aircard for Verizon Wireless. I just activated my new Verizon Wireless USB 760. I hear decent things about the Verizon 3G network – and for all purposes, it is probably even more extensive than Sprint – but we shall see. The activation itself was certainly relatively painless.

Stay tuned for updates and reviews after I get to use it for a bit.

In the meanwhile, here’s a little thanks to my trusty old Sprint card (and the network) for keeping me entertained in many many hotel rooms across the country, for letting me send out those critical emails and documents from the most unlikely places and most importantly, for rarely letting me down when I needed it.