The blogger has attended three universities in his life – University of Pune (in India), Michigan State University and Columbia University in the City of New York.

The first was for his Undergraduate degree in Engineering, the second for his first Graduate degree in Engineering and the final, for his MBA.

Yet, when he thinks about a school or campus he would want to go back to  – it is not his first school (too far away now) or his final (too Ivy League for his taste) but to his second.

I have often thought about why I have only visit the Michigan State website more than I do for any other school. When I contribute to a school endowment, why is it always Michigan State and not Columbia or The University of Pune.

The answer lies in the way what Michigan State means to me. It was a school I applied to by accident. And it accepted me – at a time when I was a very young man with very little to show for myself. It was the school that had a framework that had a wonderfully friendly mid-western lady answer my (then very expensive calls from India) with prompt responses to my nervous queries.

It was the school that welcomed with with open arms. It is the school that gave me that Graduate Assistantship ( BSRSI – The Basic Science and Remote Sensing Initiative) for two years that allowed me to pay for school, health insurance and get a graduate degree.

It is the same school that gave me a very high quality education, make lifelong friends, meet my future wife and give me the foundation that enabled me to get where I am today.

On the other hand, Columbia University accepted me for what I had already accomplished and the fact that I could pay their outrageously expensive fees. University of Pune accepted me because my parents could pay the outrageous fees back then.

It was only Michigan State University that took me as I was. And helped me to be what I dreamt to be. With my own volition and a little training. And most importantly, a fact that never escapes me – welcomed me with open arms to East Lansing MI.

And since the time I have graduated, it has allowed me countless hours of the pride that comes with supporting the Spartans in sporting events.

Here’s to Michigan State. Here’s to East Lansing MI. And here’s to those fuckingsnootybong Indians (and friends of my very own relatives) of Boston MA, who when I was one day old in the United States told me something that I only now understand – “oh, Michigan State – yes, its a good sports school”.

Here’s to you – you old bong bastards – I am more successful than your ownfuckingkids who grew up in the land of the brave and the free. And yes, I went to the school where you would kill die to get your kids in – Columbia – not that I care!