When AT&T promises you the largest “global coverage”, consider this – this global coverage they are promising you does not belong to them – they had no hand in setting it up – it simply are other GSM providers that operate in the rest of the world that support AT&T’s equipment.

The funny thing that most people don’t know is this – if you happen to own one of Sprint or Verizon’s dual mode phones (e.g. Sprint’s 9650 Blackberry Bold), you get the exact same coverage.

I was recently on trips to Brazil and Mexico. And my Sprint phone had better coverage in Sao Paolo and equivalent coverage in Mexico City due to its CDMA/GSM dual coverage.

AT&T continues to speak in untruths about its global coverage on 2 counts – the coverage is not theirs – which is why you get the outrageous roaming  charges when you travel overseas (same with other carriers). However the difference is this – in the United States, you can enjoy Sprint’s vastly superior network ( and certainly Verizon’s much more superior coverage) if you get Sprint’s no-roaming fee plans.

Be sensible. Get Sprint. Cheaper than Verizon. Better than AT&T. Globally