One of my grouses when the iPad was initially announced was around how I would ever effectively and productively use it. Would I be just relegated to using it as a mobile browsing device? Would it end up being just an enlarged iPhone? I wasnt entirely convinced of it’s value proposition and still am not.

Being a Kindle owner, I still find myself reading a lot more on the Kindle than on the iPad. I use my iPad ( which was a gift, on my birthday) for some things – mostly related to casual browsing and fiddling around with apps.

I have 2 blackberries – so my emailing needs are more than covered. I have 3 laptops – which more than sufficiently cover my computing and other needs. So the question, after owning this thing for 4 months – how do I productively use my iPad.

So when I discovered the WordPress tool – I realized this was finally my test – to see how the iPad could actually be used for something constructive ( assuming my passion for writing inanities on the web can be viewed a remotely constructive.

So here I am, my first post from the iPad. Deficiencies of the app aside – no formatting, no full screen typing and an irritating ( and perhaps debilitating missing carriage return on the screen – which cuts off part of what you type) probably entails that I would never use it again – but it’s not so bad typing on it – especially on landscape.

It would really help if Apple were to sell a universal blog editor ( perhaps bundled with their Pages) but since that just isn’t likely in the short run, i guess my wait shall continue.

However, I do see the potential of the device. Not in itself – but given the right software, I definitely see promise.