I just downloaded the most expensive software app that have bought for the iPad. As with all Apple software, it is impeccably designed, it is very pleasing to the eye and it just does absolutely fantastic job in what its supposed to do – in this case, basic mobile word processing.
Pages, for the iPad is seriously how you would expect most software companies to design software (and price it).

It’s not heavy weight word processing, but seems to have everything I would need from a robust and mobile word processor. It’s got these Apple templates which I haven’t explored but assume are as phenomenal as the ones in Works. I am still exploring them – but what Pages does is suddenly transform my iPad from just a mare multimedia toy to something I can actually use. More so, once I get used to the virtual keyboard.

One of the things that is missing (and frankly surprising) is the fact that Apple didn’t integrate blogging capabilities with this. A simple plug in into Blogspot and WordPress would have made Pages immensely more valuable.

Other than that, while I am still browsing around it’s capabilities, it seems robust. And a joy to work with.

Rejoinder: I will add comments as I discover more features and pain points – but will say at this point that if you intend to use your iPad for more than just browsing and multimedia consumption, Pages seems like a good application to invest in.


There are a number of attributes that make a robust processor but for a mobile pad like the iPad, it becomes important that the auto correcting feature works well especially given the soft keyboard that iPad has.

Pages’ auto spell check and correction is fantastic. It is similar to what Apple has on the iPhone; the one thing that it does not do is that it doesn’t auto learn. So it wouldn’t necessarily learn terms that I use all the time in Hindi or Bengali. Other than that, it works like a charm. The more I use it, the more convinced I am that I could use my iPad as a primary typing device for causal work and other activities where carrying a laptop may be inconvenient or impractical.

As I am working on the Pages, I discover that it is surprisingly robust – it will let me add charts, shapes and other multimedia objects into my document with absolute ease. As with everything Apple, the objects that are pre-built are absolutely beautiful and stunning visually and a breeze to customize. Pages also enables basic text formatting which is also very helpful.

The one area where Pages can be improved especially because it’s a mobile word processor like the iPad would be, like I alluded earlier, to also enable blogging capabilities on it – in other words, make it a blog editor with all the rich formatting capabilities that the application provides.

Ultimately, not losing the sight of the fact that it is a $ 10 application, I am more than satisfied. One of the best purchases I have made from the app store. It has absolutely increased the utility of my iPad multiple times.