The East Coast just got pummeled by a huge winter storm. The monster of a storm dumped about 4 feet of snow all over the greater New York area and Philadephia.

Two days after the storm, Twitter and other media was abuzz with how the streets were still unploughed. Stories about harried commuters and stuck cars abounded the airwaves. The most common complaint was how the streets were not ploughed even 2 days after the storm. Anecdotally, it seemed to jive with what I saw. Coventry Terrace, the street I live on, was never ploughed. In other years, we would see a plough right the day after a storm. But nothing this year.

So, one day , listening to an NJ radio station, hearing caller after caller complaining about the streets and the snow, I couldn’t help feeling disgusted.

Ladies and gents, you get what you deserve. And normally, it’s s function about the level of sophistication of your world view. And aggregated at the state level, it is obviously not very evolved. You voted Chris Christie as the governor of the state of NJ. He is a right of right Republican. He and his ilk don’t really believe that the government plays any constructive role in society. And hence, it doesn’t justify the cost and the level of taxation that would be necessary for having enough funds to employ enough snow cleaners after a snow storm or another similar emergency.

Christie actually cut the emergency budget in the state of new jersey along with cutting the tunnel to new York that would have actually modernized and rationalized our mass transit system. Great work Christie, we can continue to give even more money to our wall street traders by continuing the Bush era tax cuts – but of coursem we have to cut costs to ensure the streets aren’t plowed after an epic storm. Good governance indeed.

But most importantly folks, this post isn’t about the politician. They eventually get empowered through us. And unfortunately, in s democracy, the shrillest, the most mass appealing and generally the most asinine politicians get elected.

Government matters people. It exists for a reason. And if you, as the elecorate, insist on treating the world with the same level of sophistication as you would treat everything unto your front lawn, then sorry, you deserve unploughed roads. You, after all, elected this man.

Feel comfort that the super rich got a tax cut.