As some readers of my personal blog know, I have been making a concerted effort to ensuring I revert back into a semblance of a healthy lifestyle for a while now. My work requires extensive travel and one of the indicators that I needed to take care of my body came during my recent flight to Sao Paolo. My back started hurting like it hasnt hurt ever – and I realized that the big client dinners, the alcohol, my smoking vice and everything else wasn’t helping. I want to make a Partner in the firm one day – but really, for the first time, I realized it wouldn’t make an ounce of a difference if I were sick or dead by the time I did.

So I decided, after 2 years, take a gym membership and get a trainer. The results are I am really hurting right now. However, I intend to continue – along with the pain was also a sense of exhilaration that I haven’t felt in a while.

I recently stumbled on this article. Motivated me to persevere and thought I would share. What’s more, the author bleeds green (which my regular readers know, is another one of my passions).