For all the good things about the Apple MacOS and iOS platforms, there is one area where Windows has a huge advantage. No, I am not talking about enterprise presence, I am talking about the lack of robust blogging clients for either of the platforms.

It seems counter intuitive – the Mac is marketed as a cool, almost hipster ubercool computer – meant for graphics design, advertising, film and music than for the more mundane professions, like say Accounting. And blogging and social networking is such a large part of cool now – it almost seems intuitive that Apple computers and iPads (at the very least) should come with pre-packaged blog client.

The reality is however there are hardly even any quality blogging clients for either the Mac or the iOS platform. Windows, by contrast has an excellent (and free) blog client called Microsoft Writer. And a number of third party tools.

Now, before I get slammed by the Apple faithful, realize I absolutely love most Apple products and software. I am not complaining here as much as pointing out an obvious capability gap.

I went to the App store to search for a blogging tool today. All I could find were individual tools released by each of the blog sites. There is a WordPress app which i have had for a while – that app should have never even gotten through Apple’s quality gates. It’s close to useless. There were a few others with specific portal capability.

It’s ok not having a dedicated blog client for the MacOS platform – on a computer, it’s easy to go online to your blog and post directly. However, for a device like the iPad, logging on to say, the WordPress site and to blog presents multiple challenges. For one, you can’t necessarily scroll through text and using the finger and thereby bringing up the magnifying glass is not necessarily the most efficient. The text also is too small by default. I could go on.

The only blogging app I have been able to find is BlogPress – it costs $ 4.99 and is just barely functional – no tagging and category support.

I think the iPad at form has absolutely tremendous potential as a productivity device along with being a great media consumption device. In my case (and I am sure, with s lot of other bloggers), the ability to seamlessly blog is one big dimension of productivity.

iOS developers, bring it on!

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