I just finished watching a movie, an excellent movie – Unbelievable (thanks Daryl) – Unthinkable on my iPad. It wasnt the first movie I have watched on my iPad, it was the first I watched it in the living room in front of my 52 inch Sony Bravia. And the first I watched with my Bose QC 15 on.

I found the movie through some random browsing on the Netflix site and didn’t realize till it was over that I could actually have watched it on my TV. I was that transfixed. And the experience was that immersive.

Maybe it was the fact that I could carry my iPad from one room to another as I walked about. Maybe it was the headphones. Whatever it was, I am surprised as to how immersive the experience was. And I stand corrected.

I was a natural skeptic about the ability of the iPad as either a viable media consumption device or a productivity tool. Over the holidays, I have used my iPad extensively and have change my mind on this.

For me, both as a media consumption device and perhaps more importantly, as a device for productivity, the iPad has excelled all my expectations by the combination of it’s display, the apps that are available that multiply it’s productivity and the ease of use.

Btw, watch the movie- it’s brilliant.