I first wrote about my Macbook Air about a week after I purchased it – with my initial thoughts.

Now, having used it for about 4 months – I wanted to present an updated review. This one is not going to be so much about the specs or the purchasing options you have – but more about my experience after having used it for a few months.

Let me just start by saying that I am super excited about the future of mobile computing – tablets, notebooks and smartphones. All three formats are going to be around for the forceable future – in ways that will be significantly more integrated and unrecognizable from the ecosystem we have today. (e.g. I envision an ecosystem where your notebook and tablets will seamlessly incorporate with your 4G smartphone to provide ubiquitous connectivity and data exchange).

Which leads me to the Macbook Air. Let me just get it out – I think the future of laptops is going to be where the Air model is going. I have used it for 4 months and for the most part, I have yet to miss my Macbook Pro for 99% of things that I do on a daily basis.

If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t even buy a Macbook Pro anymore (which is probably going to be my last HDD based laptop anyway). Don’t get me wrong – I love the performance of the Macbook Pro – but the reality is I don’t spend all day processing images. Most of my day to day tasks include updating my website, writing my blogs, browsing the internet and using the office suite of products. And for those things, the Macbook Air has actually served me better. It starts up significantly faster compared to my Macbook Pro (thanks to the solid state memory). It has fantastic battery life and an absolutely gorgeous screen and full screen keyboard – I just don’t give up anything on my daily computing experience by using my Macbook Air. And what I get in terms of portability is just too valuable to give up.

Additionally, I recently started using Garageband – and I see no discernible performance differences between my Macbook Pro and Air.

Given that most of our digital life will probably move to the cloud anyways (music, photos, movies etc.), I simply dont see the need to lug around a heavy laptop that only provides me with 500 Gigs of space. At least for me and those of my work profile (which I suspect is the vast majority) – the Macbook Air is absolutely capable of serving as the only and primary laptop.

I think Apple has just started doing the things it wants with the Air line of notebooks. And I suspect over the next few years – the solid state based ultra portable laptops will start replacing HDD based devices – at least at the high end of the market.

In, conclusion, I just absolutely love my Macbook Air four months after I got it. I highly recommend it. Even at the expense of a more traditional full blown laptop.