The enterprise market for the iPad is growing leaps and bounds. Recently a very prominent Management Consulting firm (which shall remain unnamed) started, what I consider a very interesting experiment.

It is providing its interviewers a chance to use the iPad to take notes while interviewing prospective candidates. Presumably, the iPads are going to be loaded with a special App that will allow for pushing content that are needed by the interviewers as well as mechanisms to capture feedback within the device itself.

But perhaps most importantly, what it will do is allow for a first impression to be created in the interviewee’s mind (who are highly educated and therefore very sought after) about the firm – an organization on the cutting edge of innovation and adaptability.

This blogger has to admit that he had a rather dim opinion of the usability of the iPad when it was first released. To him, it seemed that it would be just a larger iPhone – and therefore just a marginal improvement in utility.

Having owned an iPad now for sometime, he admits that what he underestimated was the sheer ability of third party apps to convert a slab of metal and glass to an iconic product category and an immensely useful productivity tool.

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