It’s been a while since I traveled anywhere without my work computer. Partly, it has to do with this irrational anxiety I feel in the middle of my vacation about something at work going awry. It’s irrational at best, stupid at it’s worst. So this time, when I took a week off, I decided to just leave without my firm laptop.

As much as I wanted to be entirely unconnected, the thought of not being able to check email for 7 days was too much, even in my new spirit of unconnectedness, was too much.

So packing, 2 hours before my flight, I slipped in my iPad.

I am obviously back now from my little break. And for the first time, since perhaps since 1999, I spent 7 days without a traditional computer.

And I didn’t miss it one bit. I used my iPad for emails, for web browsing, for catching up on news, current affairs, some blogs I follow, the revolution in Egypt (via Twitter) and everything else I would do on my computer (which is also twenty times heavier).

Additionally, I used it to share photos of a party we had with some friends who could not attend. It was convenient, it was fast, and it was an absolute joy to use. It also made me realize how ubiquitous wifi h become all over the world. ( I do wish that my iPad had a swappable SIM slot though) so I could just buy a local data SIM card wherever I was in the world and not just have to depend on wifi.

Funny thing is I am at home now and the iPad is equally effective and utilitarian. Especially now, since I have become a lot more effective in typing on its virtual keyboard. I have a Michigan State basketball game on tv, a replay of the first Cricket world cup game between India and Bangladesh running on my MacBook Pro and I am actually typing this on Pages on my iPad. Awesome.

And now that the firm has decided to hand these things out pre-configured with firm email and calendar, I am actually thinking of taking my iPad to meetings as opposed to my laptop.

Which is, perfectly fine for me.

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