The last few weeks have been pretty unbelievable, even by standards of today. iPad 2 was released. It’s still not available to everyone who wants it – the demand is just too high. On a sad note, the Japanese earthquake, the Tsunami and the nuclear crisis has taken a huge toll. Latest estimates are around 17000 people killed. Plus now the nuclear reactor 3 is spewing steam. It’s just unbelievable, the extent of devastation.

Plus now there is Libya that is going insane. Obama is being criticized by both the Left and the Right. ( it’s sort of funny, any man taking a stance on anything seems to be criticized in America).

And then back to the technology front (while not as important as the issues of Libya and Japan), has important implications for gear heads like you and I. Sprint became the first carrier to give up control to Google – soon, Sprint customers will be able to use their Sprint # to access every feature of Google Voice.

And then we learnt Sunday evening – the shocker of the week – ATT is buying T-Mobile to create the biggest wireless behemoth in the US. It still needs FCC approval – but something tells mr, that ATT will be Way to get away with it with some rural spectrum compromises.

We shall find out, soon enough.