A good day today. India beat the Aussies in the World Cup, kicking them out in the process from the tournament. Good day indeed.

I am not the type that has very strong views about a sporting team – but something in the Australian Cricket team inspires venomous feelings. Years of watching them sledge rather gentle Indian cricketers, the Sydney cricket test match – which the Aussies won, but in the process lost all remnants of respect that a lot of people had for arguably the most talented Cricket team in the world (at that time). It went beyond just Cricket. Every time I think of the Aussies, I think of the Australian Tennis team which refused to play in India due to “security concerns”. Of Australian athletes breaking and stealing things from the Commonwealth games in New Delhi. ( that would sort of make sense – they probably had never seen such facilities in any previous iteration of the commonwealth games).

You get the gist. The Aussies dont elicit a warm, fuzzy feeling. And I am glad they lost today. India was a better team. And the Australians were pretty mediocre.

Away from sports and the kangaroos, back to my other topic of interest. Telecom, technology and gadgetry.

Am back to using the WordPress iPad app to see if it has improved after the two updates over the last month or so. The most basic issues around ensuring accurate wrapping of text and alignment with the keyboard seem to have been resolved.

It’s still not the most user friendly, but at least there’s an option. There doesn’t seem to be any formatting text ( like bolding or italicizing text and such). But overall, with limitations, it seems to be working better than the past.

I have always maintained that good blogging clients seem to be one area that needs some attention from app developers – there’s some mediocre ones that I use (Blogpress, WordPress etc.), but none fully take advantage of iPad’s user experience capabilities.