Back when I started blogging in 2006, I had a choice – WordPress vs. TypePad.

And I chose WordPress only because it was free. And, I have always felt  that I gave up those classy templates in the bargain. Which was probably true back then – TypePad had much more evolved templates for those of us who just loved to write and not spend a lot of time customizing templates.

But back then, $14.95 a month was a lot of money to put into a part-time hobby I was just discovering. So I stayed with WordPress. In retrospect, it was the best decision I made.

WordPress has changed since then. It has added a ton of free templates, even more if you are willing to pay. There are new formatting options that didn’t exist back in 2006. And recently, just by chance, I noticed that accessing a WordPress blog on the iPad opens up an entirely new interface. Its very Flipboard like – with swipe options and all. It has great options to taking your blog to your own customized domain – much more intuitive compared to Blogspot – which is the other place I blog.

So looking back, I think it was the best decision. WordPress has evolved into a really robust platform with great blogging clients (especially the one for the iPad has improved drastically over the last few months).

Keep up the good work WordPress.