Quiz: What is the one thing or person that you spend the most time with during a typical work day?

No, it isn’t your family. It isn’t your friends. No, it is not even that snazzy smartphone that you love. It is your work computer/ That not-so-sexy thing – that you spend hours obsessively staring at – is the one device that takes the most of your time during your work day.

We don’t tend to think about our work computer with any overt love. It is often an object of derision, something to be avoided, unless we absolutely need to. And yet, it is the one device that we absolutely depend upon to getting all our work done, to make our living  – and yet, we would never think about them a moment more than we needed to.

So, this post is dedicated to my work computer. With the good old greendot, we get one every 24 months or so – and that black device is our friend – our spreadsheets, our emails, our powerpoints, our access, out project plans, our documents, our youtubes( in hotel rooms) for a vast majority of our time.

As I get ready to get ready to let go of my trusty HP 2540p after 2 long grueling years – it serves me a reason to look back and think about the last 2 years – and all the changes that they brought. All the places I saw. All the experiences I had. 

Ultimately, this laptop only serves as a metaphor of the times spent with it. Which is probably for the good – because the last 2 years were extraordinary. In so many ways. Of work done and places visited. Of personal transformations of a degree I never thought of when I picked up that laptop 2 days before my birthday 2 years ago. My parents were home. I picked it up from the greendot office in Princeton NJ. Then went to West Windsor for coffee.

Never imagining for a moment on how much things would change in the next few months. And they did. I saw most of Latin America. I worked harder than I have in a very long time. I traveled to parts of the world I never thought I would. I danced my backside off at a Brazilian Carnival in Sao Paolo. I made friends. I lost friends.

And I got married. 

So, my trusty old crusty friend – your presence portended many good things. Thank you as I let you go. And now, may your successor and I have similar times.