We are the most powerful country in the world. Period.

And the world is incredibly complex, where a lot of people dont, pardon my language, give a shit about what the most powerful country in the world thinks.

And America is yet to get over the institutional expectation of global fawning. Unfortunately, in this new world, while people may still aspire to wear Levi’s – they don’t want to be us.

So we tapped Angela Merkel’s phone. And every American in the US. And the French president. What have we really come to?

Seems like we believe in ourselves less than what the world thinks about us. We are a freaking super power. Do we really need to focus on a person who heads a country that doesn’t even have an Air Force?

Do we need to be this paranoid? Haven’t we learnt a thing about paranoia (think Iraq).

Do we, as Americans, always need someone to hate? To suspect? And kill?

~ Just random thoughts. For someone who has always looked at America to provide solutions to the world, what we are doing lately just defies all logic. There will be usual counter arguments about terrorism and need to protect ourselves – all legitimate arguments – but there has to be a cost benefit analysis somewhere.