Recently, this article in the New York Times made me check out a new long form blogging service called Medium. Conceptualized and started by a Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, it is modeled as a cross-over between traditional blogging platforms like this one and Google’s Blogger (which Evans founded as well).

Its an interesting concept – other than logging in with your twitter account, there is no set up required. It isn’t a traditional blog platform – in the sense that you don’t create your own space – instead what you do is just write – and the platform’s algorithm links it with all posts that have similar subjects – letting readers comment on your post (interestingly, at the level of a paragraph – not just the entire post).

So, in effect – it is really very similar to Twitter – other than the fact that you aren’t limited to a 140 characters. (to me, that has been a major impediment for a lot of us long form readers in fully embracing the platform). Its almost a social networking of ideas – instead of people.

So while that has many advantages (e.g. completeness of posts) – but also poses one critical adoption risk – in an era of severely restricted attention spans – to get people to adopting posting long form posts may be a challenge (unlike Twitter which gained its popularity by getting all kinds of celebrities of questionable intelligence, on board).

But it is an interesting concept – and what’s more, it might actually serve a public service – by getting its participants to post (and read) beyond the 140 characters.

Will track it to see how it evolves.