It was certainly a long way coming. The last time was way back in 1988 – and for a program that has had its own sets of challenges including scooting coaches for the lure of more money, unreliability in levels of performance and the inability to finish in key games to win the 100th Rose Bowl against a mighty Stanford was nothing short of a Hollywood sports movie. Especially playing without their key linebacker who was suspended because of unknown reasons before the biggest game in a generation by the Spartans no-nonsense coach Mark Dantonio.

It was incredible – this whole season. The way the team bounced back after losing a very controversial game against Notre Dame. And how the Spartans decimated Michigan and emphatically beat Ohio State along the way to win the Big Ten championship outright and qualify for the Rose Bowl.

For those of us who have been long time Spartans supporter – it was a redemption. A redemption for everytime (and especially ESPN “experts”) showered scorn. How, going into the Rose Bowl, noone gave us a chance. After we had handed Ohio State their first defeat. And what a redemption it was.


The picture says it all, doesn’t it?