I have always maintained that blogging is a little bit like working out. It’s great when you are in the groove. You have great ideas that you want to write about, feel passionate enough to spew out inspiring prose and feel that warmth every writer feels after having written a prose that one is proud about.

And like working out, there are times when nothing seems to inspire anything. And writing becomes a chore. And even when you do – as in sit down and try to write something – primarily out of the force of habit more than anything else – only insipid prose stares at you on the face. How many times have you entered the gym and that sweaty smell in the gym just makes you want to run back to your couch and watch a movie. Same thing.

So, I have nothing but the highest respect for those who keep blogging year after year with regularity. And write really good engaging stuff. As I am trying to get back to writing, I realize how difficult that can be.

For one to be motivated to write about anything. Anything at all. My muse, my country, India – changed over the last one year, politically. It was a treasure trove for a politically interested blogger – but zilch. No ideas.

So for those bloggers that I follow – with or without mass readership – I value what you do. Its incredibly tough.

Sort of like working out week after week.