This post on BGR set me thinking. Even for someone who follows the high tech. industry pretty closely and considers himself to be relatively tech. savvy and educated, the sheer rate of technological evolution is now overwhelming.

It seems only a few years ago that I spent $1200 to buy my first DSLR – a state of the art (for the time) Sony Alpha A90. Fast forward just a few years later and the whole underlying technology (mirror based shuttering), not to mention the ability to take quality pictures (as we knew it) seems to be increasingly thrown into the bins of history.

Forget that its not just regular cameras that are doing that. Increasingly, such technology is coming to hand-held devices along with the image processing capabilities to actually edit the pictures on the fly on the same devices. I know you still need some serious horse power to run software like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – but I can’t imagine the day is far ahead when one would presumably able to do everything Lightroom does and more on your tablet or your smartphone.

And this is just one example. One could go on. It’s exciting and amazing.

But for those of us who thought we could talk knowledgeably about such topics – it’s a feeling of displacement. Maybe we are getting old after all.