Have artists stopped painting because we now have cameras everywhere?

Silly question, correct? Yes, we all take pictures and silly selfies. But has that led to the decline of that romantic notion of the starving artist dreamily creating works of art? Nope. Quite the contrary, actually.

Which brings me to the article in the New York Times today. Its an unrelated topic – its about the benefits of writing vs. typing on a keyboard as young children are beginning to learn. It talks about how there is a greater degree of engagement of the brain when a child is asked to write (or reproduce) a letter vs. typing it. And how, cognitively, that effort is a way of learning.

I found the article fascinating because I am constantly debating in my head about the balance of the undeniable benefits and conveniences that technology brings us vs. the long term deleterious impacts the wide-spread (and increasingly, early) adoption of technology can lead to.

Will, in the distant future of humanity, there be no artists create paintings outside of a computer program? And would that be a good thing or bad for us?

Just a random thought in the morning.