Pages after pages have already been written, reported and opined in the mainstream and non-mainstream press about the Crisis in Gaza – so purportedly, this post will serve absolutely no purpose, or as management consultants like to say -add no value. 

And there are a lot better places on the internet to find the details on the conflict, get news (I strongly recommend Twitter – this is the first global crisis that I have actually meaningfully followed on Twitter and am blown away by the diversity of views you can get if you so choose from there) and read pundit opinion.

What I really wanted to write about was the sheer conviction that I have encountered on each side of the debate with personal friends. Friends who have gotten into very public and ugly spats on Facebook and the like. The whole deal – being personally vituperative etc.

And then again, there are really passionate arguments on both sides – the Israel Palestinian conflict brings out primordial passion in all of us (including this author).

For the sakes of all the people – In Gaza and in Israel – I really do hope the ceasefire today holds. Its one of those things – we can keep arguing and intellectualizing till kingdom come (no puns there) – but till that time everyday people are suffering. And frankly the Gazans have been getting a really really bad deal.

So much for arguments – lets hope the ceasefire stays in place.