The author has always been a political and news junkie.  Politics apart, there are a bunch of things the author is very interested in – almost bordering on being passionate. Its an esoteric bunch of things including literature, music, philosophy, poetry, psychology, history etc.

And the author has always fancied himself as a little bit of a writer. Hence, simply put, this blog.

The blog is called The Hazy Cloud of Confused Thinking because, as with most things, there are many ways of looking at any single entity,incident or phenomenon. Hence the Confused. And Hazy comes with the territory of being confused. One of the author’s favourite quotes is – “A madman isn’t someone who has lost all reason, a madman is someone who has lost all reason but his own”.

The intent is to post about any and/or all views the author has about any of the topics posted above and anything else that catches his fancy.

For a more personal and upclose view of the author, access his other blog here.