On the topic of wireless, my regular readers are well aware that I have a less-than-stellar view of ATT Wireless’ network coverage and service levels especially compared to my Sprint experience.

I had a couple of experiences, which in the interest of fair reporting, I felt I had to report – partly because I get a lot of hits here about people comparing Sprint and ATT services.

Number One: Customer Service

Simply put, ATT’s customer service, in my experience has been absolutely excellent. Now this could be potentially because I am under a corporate plan – or – it could be because I have always been used to Sprint’s absolutely horrendous customer service and anything else is significantly better.

But seriously, everytime I have called ATT, I have gotten absolutely wonderful, prompt and accurate service. Owing to the fact that I will soon be traveling overseas, I just recently called ATT to unlock my Treo 750v – and it took all of 7 minutes for ATT to provide me an unlock code – no questions asked.

If Sprint were a GSM company, I can only imagine how long that would take.

All in all, absolutely wonderful experience.

Number Two: Coverage in central Pennsylvania

I recently went on a roadtrip from New Jersey to Ohio and beyond – and I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of ATT coverage in the boondocks of central-east Pennsylvania especially around the hilly  areas around Pittsburgh including the tunnels. Very impressive.

Now, I must add Sprint had pretty uniform coverage too – along I-76 – but I used my ATT phone way more often – and given my low levels of expectation from ATT – it was surprisingly good. Surprisingly, ATT just seems to have horrendous coverage in Central Jersey.

But both these points, I think, were worth calling out.

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